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you should be able to stay healthy all natural

Even if today's world makes it harder for a beginner herbalist


What about a bugbite salve, a nerve tea, or herbal popsicles? You can create so much with herbs. And you can learn at least one new recipe every week.


Many herbs heal right? And they truly heal if you know how to prepare them, which part to use and when to use it.  The best guides are waiting for you.


Dangers await. What if you mistake an herb with something scary? What if you pick an herb in the wrong place? And what if you collect a splendid harvest that aids you through the whole season?


Nothing feels better than caring for your plants. Only caring for your plants and caring for your self at the same time. Grow your own herbs,  then prepare the best formulas, infusions, poultices and much more.

You don't have all the time in the world

And there is so much to know about herbalism.

No more doubts

If you read  only the best articles, blog posts, social media answers etc. you will not only learn lots of useful information about herbalism but you won’t have to worry about whether you can trust the source.

No more searching

When you have carefully picked knowledge sent to you every week, you won’t feel the need to constantly search for new sources or new books, as you will become smarter week by week.

A fresh way to learn much more about herbalism

Only the best sources

Every day  we sift through more than 30-40 articles and stories about herbalism and pick out the ones that are the most scientifically accurate and holistically true to herbalism.

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We constantly evolve The Smart Herbalist so we can deliver you the knowledge that helps you the most. We listen to all of you and thanks to this our herbal journey together is getting better by the week.

Learn more and do it easily

20 minutes of the best handpicked knowledge about herbalism once a week is much better than spending hours and hours of searching when trouble strikes you and you need help quickly.

what certain herbs are good for

delicious and healthy recipes

Lists and guides

how to grow your own herbs

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The content and topics shared are always spot on for me. Really practical for anyone who wants to learn more about herbalism.

Elizabeth, Corvallis

I always enjoy it. I learn something new every Tuesday 

Sarah, Sydney

Worth the time every single week. They do a terrific job of curating only the best articles for those of us that want to improve our herbal knowledge.

Susanne, Boulder

It’s not only for beginners. I’m practicing herbalism for a decade now and find the smart herbalist quite refreshing. Definitely staying subscribed

Connor, Portsmouth

I hope they decide to come out twice a week in the future. Waiting a week for a new issue is just too long. Really great newsletter.

Juliet, Nice

One of my favourite sources on herbs and their different uses.

Leslie, Willingston

Read the next issue as soon as next tuesday

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