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A Guide To Start Your Journey As An Herbalist

Become the one who knows exactly when, why and how to use an herb

You Shouldn’t Get Overwhelmed

Not so long ago a good herbalist was expected to have knowledge about a vast number of plants. 

Their apothecaries were filled with more than 200 herbs and their materia medica were complex and never ending.

There is no problem with that. 

But you might not have the money and years to experiment and learn about more than 200 herbs and create a vast apothecary.

Rethinking Herbalism

Herb minimalism is a phrase not many use, but many practice it. Focusing on not just knowing about, but mastering a few herbs at the beginning will help you take the first real steps on your herbalist journey.

To master an herb you should:

In other words, gather knowledge and experience with your herbal ally.

A Fresh Way To Master Your First Herbal Allies

For 9 days, every day you will receive an email with a new herb profile. It contains:

There is more

Every day with the herb profile, you will receive a new snippet of general herbal knowledge that you should never forget.


What does it mean if an herb is balancing, or moistening? You will learn exactly that among the 9 categories of herbal energetics.

Tissue States

Which herb is good for a headache? Well, is it a “hot” or a “cool” type headache? If you are aware of the 6 tissue states of your body you will know exactly which herb can help.

Herbal actions

Adaptogens help increase your body’s resisance to stress right? But what does a carminative or a demulcent herb does exactly. You will learn that with the 23 herbal actions.


Sometimes you don’t know the exactly the cause of the problem, and that makes it hard to see results with single herbs. That is when you should turn to well-crafted herbal formulas and you will learn how to make them.

More Knowledge In Less Time

Don’t think about how and where to start. 

Our guide gives you the easiest plants to master with all the general herbal knowledge you need to know at the beginning. 

It makes sure you are well equipped to begin your journey as an herbalist.

From The Best Sources

We’ve revisited more than 15 books, studied more than 80 articles and followed more than 20 content creators in the last 3 months. 

So we can give you really the best advice and the most up to date information you can get.

See The First Herb You Should Begin To Master

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