Echinacea flowers

Commercials Sell An Herb To The Masses With Effects She Doesn’t Have

Hey there Smart Herbalists. It’s great to see that so many of you are interested in herbalism. And with that we get many requests from you which prompts us to work on new features. So yeah, we are planning to incorporate new features in the near future, so we can make your life easier and healthier with herbalism. Until then

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Herbs And Your Gut Microbiome

How Herbal Actions Support Our Gut Microbiome The microflorae in our gut is in a symbiotic relationship with us. Many recent studies have found that they directly influence our health either positively or negatively, like our digestion, immune functions, nervous system and more. This means, that what we eat is much more important than we’ve thought before. Crystal Dawn Silas

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More important than many would think. This sweet herb is part of most formulas in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Why Is Licorice Called „The Old Man” In Traditional Chinese Medicine? Source: TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) dates back more than 2.200 years, and we can thank some of the most potent herbal formulas to it. There is a common thing in those potent formulas, which is the inclusion of licorice. „Licorice has a reputation as an “important official of

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A Red Hot Bomb Of Herbal Goodness That Even The Aztecs Used

Hot For Your Tongue And For Your Health No, it has nothing to do with fire rituals. I’m talking about an herb, that some say is the oldest domesticated plant. Capsicum annuum, a.k.a. Cayenne pepper was first domesticated in Mexico and Northern Central America at least 8000 years ago. While indigenous people used it mainly as a spice, the Aztecs

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An Ancient Way Of Using Herbs Should Make a Comeback

Does smoke cleansing really heal your mind and body? Burning botanicals, wood, or resins for health and/or spritual reasons – smoke cleansing – is an ancient practice that is common through almost all the different cultures around the world, dating as far back as Ancient Mesopotamia. Saining… smudging… smoke cleansing… whatever you call it they all have a specific purpose

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The Herbal Sunshine That Should Grow In Every Garden

Why Every Herbalist Should At Least Consider Growing Calendula Apart from it being a very potent topical bacteria and fungi killer, it is very easy to grow and it’s even easier to create salves and balms from it. A few days ago Sue & Candace wrote a magnificent article about Calendula, and it refreshed my memories about why grandmother used calendula salve

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