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We believe that our health should be in our own hands and when needed we want to know exactly what are we eating, drinking or taking to restore or even improve our health.

Contrary to the mass media coverage of the last two decades about pharmaceuticals being the only and real cures of anything, we know that herbs can be just as restorative in most cases, and even much better in some.

And that is what The Smart Herbalist is all about.

Plant-Care Meets Self-Care

You might be just starting your journey in the world of herbalism, but I’m sure you already  noticed that our rapidly changing world needs us to keep up the pace with deepening our knowledge.

  • Usefulness: Over 390.000 plant species habit our world and most of them have a physiological effect on our body. People use them for more than 60.000 years to stay healthy or to stay alive. Knowing which plants are useful and for what is a knowledge that we all should possess.
  • Identification: Knowing what positive effects certain plants have on our body is one thing, being able to recognize and safely harvest that plant is completely another. Whether you are ethically foraging in the wild, or harvesting in your own garden among the “weeds” you sure want to know what to look for.
  • Recipes: There are certain single herbs that have a strong effect on our body or mind, but many times formulas are much more effective.  Not to mention cooking or baking with herbs, or maybe mixing a herbal bath tea.
  • Growing: Whether you have a garden or live in a flat, you can and should grow herbs. There are many creative ways to grow your own herbs in places you never thought about, and most of the times what you grow and care for are the most useful of all

Your knowledge will indeed become deeper with the selection of the best from these topics every week.

You Don't Have All The Time In The World

The internet if full of articles, lists, communities , and stories about herbalism and many times it’s hard to determine whether a source is trustworthy, or maybe well intentioned, but giving false information.

You don’t have time to sift through the mountain of information each day and especially to separate the fluff from the solid research-based resources.

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This is just the beggining.

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Founder, The Smart Herbalist 

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