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Roland Koronya is a biologist, who currently works as a forensic advisor.

He first experienced the very real effects of herbalism at a very young age as all of his childhood wounds were treated with her grandmother’s handmade calandula salves.

As he grew up he came to love nature and it’s complex systems more and more and especially plants and their physiological effects on the human body.

For this very reason he decided to become a biologist. After finishing his degree career opportunities took him elswhere, though he never stopped researching and using herbs, while working in the cold and trying field of forensics.

There were times when he found it hard to harmonize his scientific viewpoints as a biologist with the ancient principles of herbalism, but as time went by he learned how the two intertwine and how can he merge the best of the two worlds to deepen his knowledge and improve his own health.

With the world changing more and more rapidly, Roland  realized this is a great time to start spreading the knowledge about how herbalism can improve your life, especially in these times and how others can become even smarter herbalists and much healthier persons.

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